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Photo Tour of Montessori Newborn Class

Hello there! I am excited to be able to share this photo tour with you of our Montessori Newborn Class for small babies and their parents. The starting age for this class is 6 weeks – 7 months old from the first day of the term. Newborn Class is offered every Thursday and Friday from 9:30-10:30. You can find more details and join the waiting list at the link above.  

Montessori Classes are child-led so each week is different as the babies’ interests and skills advance. The structure of the class as well as the other students in the group are the same each week to support the child’s need for routine and community.


Your child’s Montessori class starts as soon as you enter the school. 

Parents help the babies come in and lay down on one of our floor-mats or carpets to remove their outside layers of clothing.

2.Montessori Work Cycle

The classroom is fully prepared with educational materials which support every stage of Baby’s motor, visual, and cognitive development. 

Parents decide which movement area to start the work cycle. 

From there, Baby can choose from the available materials or work with a mobile.  

Parents offer only 1 or 2 materials at once, removing materials which are not in use. Baby will indicate which material or area they are interested in exploring by looking or reaching in that direction.

Parents have time to connect with each other, to speak with the Montessori teacher about any questions, and complete their weekly observation worksheet.

The teacher moves around the classroom, working with each baby on different skills that the child is currently focused on learning. 

3. Montessori Snack Time

Babies sit together around a low table. They can sit on the parent’s lap or in cube chairs. 

Every week we explore a new food. Even babies who are not eating yet enjoy watching, touching, and smelling the fruit or vegetable of the week. 

Babies explore tiny cups and silverware and can learn to drink water from a cup if they are interested.

4. Music Circle

During Music Circle we sing in English, German, and any other languages present in the group. Sometimes we use instruments or play silks. 

Babies lay on their back with their feet towards their parent, in a circle. They really enjoy hearing the music and watching you sing and dance. Mobile babies may prefer to lay on their belly and move around during the music. 

At the end of class we sing goodbye to each baby. 🙂

Thank you for reading! 

If you would like to participate in this class in the future, you can join the waiting list HERE! If your baby has not been born yet, you can use your due date and write “Baby” in the Name section.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions! 

– Katelynn

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