MONTESSORI NEWBORN : online course for parents (coming soon!)

by Katelynn Johnson

AMI-certified Montessori guide for 0-3

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What you will learn:

  • How to prepare your baby’s Montessori Home Environment from birth
  • How to adapt the home to meet Baby’s needs as they grow
  • Which materials will best support your baby’s whole development at each stage
  • How to communicate with your baby and understand what they are trying to tell you
  • How to provide rich learning opportunities which enable your child to reach their full potential
  • Practical tips on sleep, weaning, giving language, and more!

course description

This class is for parents who are expecting a new baby and are interested in the Montessori approach from birth to 6 months old. 

It is an intensive 5-week learning program for parents who want to use the Montessori approach to raise kind, free-thinking, responsible, and independent children by being their guide and supporting their natural development. 

I am here to give you all the information on the Montessori approach, how to apply it, and how to understand your child’s needs so you can support their development in the most formative time in their lives.

This class will not hold back and will tell you everything there is to know with as much practical insight as possible. 


This course includes 5 online lessons which you may follow at your own pace

You will have permanent access to the course materials so you can turn back to them in the future as needed!

Language English (USA)

Price 100€ for 5 lessons (inc. VAT)

each lesson includes

  • a video lecture on relevant and practical Montessori topics
  • a video presentation of a Montessori material – how to arrange it yourself, how it works, how it can be adapted to grow with your child, and how to show it to your child. 
  • a comprehensive lesson quiz
  • a printable homework guide on how to apply each lesson 
  • the opportunity for direct feedback every week from your expert instructor
  • and more free resources!

about the instructor

Katelynn Johnson is the owner, director, and teacher at Montessori Mother ELC, the 1st Montessori Early Learning Center in Germany. 

She has received her Montessori diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale, the association which was formed by Maria Montessori herself. 

Katelynn prides herself on upholding the principles of the Montessori method and has supported hundreds of families since starting Montessori Mother in 2017.

She has also written this course, MONTESSORI NEWBORN, while going through her first pregnancy and has poured all her love and energy into it, as she goes on this journey with you first hand! 

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