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  1. Entity
  2. Agreement
  3. Sibling Policy
  4. Pricing
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1. Entity

Montessori Mother ELC
Owner/Director: Katelynn Michelle Johnson
Wisbyer Str. 70, Berlin 10439

Contact: katelynn@montessorimotherberlin.com | +49 174 3050871

2. School Rules

Caregivers Attending Class:
Each child must be accompanied by one responsible caregiver who is responsible for your child during the class. If a partner, nanny, parent, or other carer will be accompanying your child to this class, you must list them as a responsible caregiver on your “Montessori Class Agreement” form. 

Screens | Avoid using any screens during class, except at the parent table in the main classroom. If you want to take a photo of your child, it’s okay, but do it quickly and put the phone away right after. If you have to take a phone call, please step outside in front of the school or in the garden.
Pacifiers | The class is a no-pacifier zone. I recommend putting it away as soon as you come into class or before coming inside. This is rarely an issue, but if your little one is very attached to the pacifier, it’s okay. They will let it go when they are comfortable and engaged in the class.
Personal toys | If your little one wants to bring a toy or lovey to class, they choose “a special place on the shelf for it during class.” In the Montessori community, everything is shared (see “Sharing”) which gets confusing if there are personal things of other children around that are off-limits.
Food | Toddlers can prepare + eat a small snack and drink water before snack time, but they must do so in the kitchen area at the low table. After snack time, the food work for the class is finished. Snack activities are already prepared for the toddlers. There is no need to bring your own snack unless your child has an allergy or dietary restriction.
Movement | Children of all ages have complete freedom of choice and movement, but there are limits to protect their safety and show consideration others and the environment. Limits include: running, climbing on furniture, crossing garden fence, throwing materials, etc…
Independence | Children want you to help them do things by themselves. After you show them something new – step back, let them take over, and observe. If their hands are on a material, your hands are off.
Personal Space | all the children have the right to their own personal boundaries. If a child is getting upset because another is getting too close or making unwanted contact (positive or negative), the considerate thing to do is to communicate this to the other. “It looks like Sam wants to be alone right now. Lets’s [offer alternative].”
Trust | Allow your child to roll, crawl, walk, climb when they are ready. If they are trying something new, try not to interrupt their struggle. Give space, but stay nearby in case they ask for help. If you are worried about them falling, stay close enough to catch them, but far enough that they are doing it on their own.
Sharing | If a child is concentrated on an activity, it is unavailable to anyone else. When it is no longer in use, anyone can choose it from the shelf or table.
Atmosphere | Help everyone maintain a positive and peaceful learning environment by avoiding unnecessarily negative conversations or comments.
Volume | Adult voices are louder and deeper than children’s and can easily overwhelm the children who are quite sensitive to noise. Use a quiet, calm voice at all times while in the school. This models the consideration of others so children will be aware of themselves, others, and also feel calm.
Clothing | Bring a change of clothes for your child to change into before or after class in case they get wet or dirty.
toddler class: Toddlers must wear non-slip indoor slippers. This is for your child’s safety and independence – socks are not an alternative. Soft shoes with velcro closings are good option.
baby class: Babies should be barefoot and wear a short sleeved onesie or other clothing which allows for full freedom of movement and uncovered legs and forearms.
newborn class: Newborns clothing must be comfortable, light, and offer full freedom of movement. Their feet and hands should be uncovered. 

3. Sibling Policy

Twins or siblings in the same age group can attend Montessori Class together for 15% discounted tuition!

  1. Fill out the Application for Montessori Classes twice (once for each child).
  2. Let me know in advance and I will send you a 15% off sibling discount code.
  3. Enrol in the class x 2 to reserve a place for each child.
  4. Apply your code online before you pay the tuition to take 15% off the total amount.

Newborn Class: (2-7m) For safety reasons, older siblings may not accompany their baby brother or sister to this class.

Baby Class: (6m-16m) For safety reasons, older siblings may not accompany their baby brother or sister to this class.

Toddler Class: (16m-4yr) Younger siblings are welcome to attend all classes with your toddler. Older siblings under 6 years old are invited to visit the class once per term. See pricing table below:

2m – 10m attend for FREE!
10m – 14m attend for 10,00 (inc. VAT) per class paid in advance or in person.
14m – 4yattend the class for 15% discounted sibling tuition for both children.
4y – 6yattend for 15,00 (inc. VAT) per class paid in person after class.

4. Pricing

This is a private school so public funds cannot be used to pay tuition. Tuition pricing is the same for everyone. Payments are made online through our website.

Donations and returns can be made to the following bank account.

Bank details

Katelynn Johnson
IBAN |  DE81 1001 1001 2624 7953 67

5. Payments

The tuition from Montessori Classes could be 2/3 deductible from your income tax as either ” Kinderbetreuungskosten” or “haushaltsnahe Dienstleistungen“! The exact interpretation depends on your tax advisor, so speak with an official for more information.

6. Sickness and Holiday Policy

You may make up one missed session for free each term. (If you attend twice per week, you can make up two classes, and so on) Extra sessions may be bought with a 15% discount depending on availability. Schedule make-up sessions with me in advance via email to katelynn@montessorimotherberlin.com or in person. Makeup classes do not carry over from one term to the next. 

If you or your child is showing any of the following symptoms, please stay home and reschedule the missed session with me using the guidelines above. symptoms: running a fever, green or yellow mucus, diarrhoea, whooping cough, feeling unwell, tired, cranky, clingy… holidays: Montessori Mother ELC will be closed on all Berlin public holidays and these days will not be included in your class tuition payment. 

7. Complaints

Any concerns or complaints can be sent via email to katelynn@montessorimotherberlin.com I will get back to you as soon as possible with any help or advice I am able to provide.

8. Cancellations and Return Policy

Montessori Classes:
Once a place in a Montessori class has been offered to you via email, registration and tuition payment are required to join the class. Should you need to make changes to your registration, contact katelynn@montessorimotherberlin.com at least 2 weeks before the start of the class term. Should you plans to attend the class change after making your payment, you may apply for a refund using the form below. Refunds are possible up to 2 weeks before the first day of the course term, minus a 25,00 administration fee. Cancellations within 2 weeks of the beginning of the course are non-refundable. 

Workshops/Open Days/Events:
In order to honor the time of our event/workshop teachers, refunds for cancellations for any reason within 2 weeks of the class or event are not possible.

Online Courses:
Cancellations or refunds are not possible once your course has been purchased and the course content has been accessed.

9. Other Conditions

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