montessori toddler class in berlin, germany's first montessori early learning center, a school for parents and children to learn how to use the montessori approach together. A toddler and his caregiver studying language objects with matching cards in our montessori language area near the reading nook

Montessori Newborn Class jn Berlin, Germany's first Montessori Early Learning Center, a Montessori school for parents and babies to use the Montessori approach together. Pictured is a baby using the interlocking discs tactile mobile in the movement area on a montessori mattress near the horizontal mirror.

Join the Waitlist for Berlin's only Montessori Early Learning Center, a playgroup and school for parents, toddlers, babies, children, and newborns to learn the Montessori approach together

Have a look inside our montessori baby and toddler classrooms through Montessori Moments, a series of videos, episodes featuring montessori materials used in the class. pictured is a toddler and her mother painting at the montessori ikea hack easel which is shortened to the child's height in our montessori art area

My Montessori Blog for Montessori at home,  from Germany's first montessori early learning center. pictured is a toddler on the wooden staircase in our movement area in berlin, a toddler chair and table, montessori art area and ikea easel, cut to the child's height

“If teaching is to be effective with young children,
it must assist them to advance on the way to independence. ”

— Dr. Maria Montessori

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