Montessori Home Consultations

Bring Montessori into your home with one of our specialists. In each 2-hour home visit we observe, plan, discuss, and arrange your child’s Montessori environment to support their whole development.

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What is a Montessori home environment?

A Montessori home environment is a beautiful, minimalistic space which fosters independence and self-direction through the thoughtful design of each material, through the child-sized layout of the environment, and through the way the adult interacts with the child. When children have more control over their learning, they work harder, perform better, retain more information, and are more creative and joyful. 


Montessori Environments
NEWBORN | expecting to 8 wks
BABY | 8wks to walking
TODDLER | walking to 3 yrs
PRESCHOOL | 3 to 7 years
Day Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday
Time 10:00-12:00
200,00 for 1 consultation
500,00 for 3 consultations
*cost of furniture, materials, carpentry not included

1st Meeting: observation and planning

  • learn about the Montessori approach for your child’s stage of development
  • asses the 4 areas of the child’s environment (play, sleep, food, and self care)
  • plan changes

2nd Meeting: arranging the environment

  • set up the Montessori environment
  • organise materials and storage
  • introduce new furniture
  • choose Montessori materials for independence and teaching new skills

3rd Meeting: materials and follow-up

  • make final adjustments to the arrangement of the space
  • introduce new materials
  • observe the child in the environment
  • plan for any final additions to be made

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