About Us

Montessori Mother is a private Montessori classroom and center for family learning. Since first opening in 2017 as “Berlin’s pop-up Montessori classroom,” we have provided weekly Montessori classes for children and parents and offered Montessori Home Consultations. We have worked with over 1000 families in Berlin and around the world, supporting the education and development of their little ones.

New Developments

We now offer daily classes for children 0-7 years old, Saturday concerts with professional musicians, monthly meet-ups for fathers and their children, and special Montessori Birthday Experiences on Sundays. We also have a blog, a podcast, an online learning program for parents, a Vimeo channel, and are active on social media.

Our Classes

Our classes are a place where children can use child-sized equipment and beautiful Montessori materials to develop independence, concentration, and responsibility. Each 1-2 hour session includes a work cycle of child-led play with Montessori activities, a group snack time, and a music circle at the end of class.

The Montessori materials in each class are beautifully arranged on shelves and work stations at the child’s level to allow them to follow their natural desire to learn. Each classroom environment is designed specifically with the ages and stages of development of the students in mind. This is so each child has access to tools which will support the mastery of every physical and cognitive milestone and every skill the child is interested in learning.

Learning areas include: art, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language, reading, writing, sensory integration, music, life skills, food preparation, woodworking, self care, gardening, math, geography, social development, and eye-hand coordination. We also have an aquarium. 🙂

A mixed age group is present in every class, with materials supporting all ages in the group so each child is able to learn from different materials in their own, perfect timing.

All classes are guided in English. To support a multilingual environment, parents are encouraged to speak their native languages all the children. During our closing music circle we also sing in every language represented in class. German and non English-speaking families are very welcome to attend. This is a great way for children to be introduced to new languages and promotes a lifelong attitude of cultural awareness.

In class every child is accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Parents are able to learn about Montessori during the class term through our Parent Worksheets and email newsletters, both offering weekly inspiration. We also have a co-working table in the classroom for parents and an adult kitchen where you can help yourself to a complimentary tea, cappuccino, or sweet snack.

Our Teachers

All of our Montessori guides are experienced and passionate teachers trained by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). At our school we uphold the highest standards of Montessori education with love and integrity.


Montessori Mother ELC is co-owned by Katelynn Johnson (director & Montessori 0-3 guide) and Chad Chittenden (Montessori 3-6 guide, wood craftsman & media manager).

We are both from the USA, Katelynn from Kansas and Chad from Alaska. In 2017 we were married and moved to Berlin from Moscow, RU. In 2019 we opened the doors of Montessori Mother ELC and in 2021 we welcomed our baby daughter, Jennifer Bo!

Our Sponsors

In addition to our amazing community of Montessori parents, Montessori Mother ELC is supported by our sponsors: goodies Deli, Purpose + Motion, and multiple private families. Their donations to our school make it possible for us to improve our facilities and bring new learning opportunities to our students. Most recently, sponsors have contributed to building a rock climbing wall and a functioning mini kitchen! If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we would love to hear from you! Our sponsorship opportunities and expansion plans can be found on our Crowdfunding Page.

Our Mission Statement

To support the development of the human being,
to plant the seeds for children to grow to their full potential,
to spread peace and positivity around the world

this is to uphold the Montessori principle.