Montessori Mother Materials

· 100% natural materials · designed with the child in mind · AMI 0-3 approved ·
· handmade with love · by Chad Chittenden ·

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Montessori shelves

customise the wood oak · acacia · beech · baltic birch · spruce
customise the finish beeswax oil · water-based lacquer · white baby-safe paint


€ 90,00 to 100,00


€ 140,00 to 170,00


€ 225,00 to 250,00

Montessori furniture

customise the wood oak · acacia · beech · baltic birch · spruce
customise the finish beeswax oil · water-based lacquer · white baby-safe paint

cube chair

regular: 28.5x29x25.5cm
€ 70,00 to 85,00
large: 31.5 x 32 x 25.5 cm
€ 80,00 to 95,00

cube table

regular: 30x50x50cm
large: 34x50x50cm
€ 100,00 to 115,00

self care station

38 x 45 x 30
€ 215,00 (baltic birch wood)
*hand-washing set sold separately*

toddler wardrobe

€ 190,00 (pine wood)

Montessori floor bed
€ 375,00 (baltic birch wood)

Montessori materials for toddlers

wooden counting beads

beech wood
€ 35,00

peg+rubber band

beech wood
€ 40,00 with storage box
€ 30,00 without storage box

nuts and bolts board

beech wood
€ 60,00

Montessori materials for babies

natural wooden blocks

beech wood
€ 65,00

wooden rattles & shape teethers

beech wood + organic wax oil finish
€ 40,00 set of 4


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Let’s build something together.

about Montessori Mother Materials

❝Running your fingers across perfectly sanded wood connects a person to the natural world. There’s something special about the way wood forms into a shape when you carve it and join it and sand it. A great satisfaction in creating a feeling, an emotion that someone else can hold in their hands and learn from or even just as simple as giving a child something shaped perfectly for them to sit on without help and find their own independence.

I grew up in Alaska without any siblings. I spent most of my time playing in the forest where I lived with my mother. The trees were my sanctuary. I dug tunnels under giant roots and climbed high into branches. Being alone in the forest, I found my center. I have done many jobs that have taken me around the world since then, but I have never lost my amazement with forests and mountains and wood. Seeing raw materials and exploring where they grow taught me how to connect with my surroundings. I make the developmental materials and furniture that I do, so that I can give the gift of connection and amazement to the childhoods of future adults. I do this in the hope that whether those children become interplanetary explorers or business people or designers they can still appreciate the value of the natural world around them.


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