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Welcome to Germany’s 1st Montessori Early Learning Center!

In this post, I would like to introduce myself and give you a look inside the Montessori Mother Early Learning Center.

Hi! I’m Katelynn.
I am the Montessori 0-3 guide teaching all the Montessori classes at the Montessori Mother Early Learning Center. I am originally from Kansas, USA and I have lived in Berlin since 2017. My school is a place where toddlers and babies attend weekly Montessori classes to grow their independence, social awareness, curiosity, and self-esteem!

Montessori in Berlin

It might be surprising that the first Montessori Early Learning Center in Germany is opening only in 2019. When my husband, Chad, and I first moved to Berlin we were very surprised to find that Montessori was not very widespread, especially for children under 3. I posted on a local facebook group, Expat Babies Berlin, and asked if anyone would like to start a Montessori playgroup. I was warmly met by a community of wonderfully enthusiastic and supportive mothers.

One year later, I was teaching pop-up Montessori classes in 5 districts of the city and I was exhausted. I was transporting entire classroom setups across town multiple times daily. While this provided a valuable learning experience to the children, our classrooms were still limited to how many materials I could fit in a car. I wanted a central location where I could offer a beautifully prepared, complete Montessori environment.

Finally in March 2019, Chad and I opened the doors of Montessori Mother ELC to over 50 families.

what I love most about Montessori

I love that Montessori is that it is an Education for Peace. For 100 years Montessori schools have been making the world a better place by providing the environment for growing free-thinking, responsible, and creative individuals who know their place in the world and have no limits when it comes to the skills they can learn or the places they can go.

When I work with the toddlers, I see this every day. For example, in one class I might have 10 toddlers, born in 10 different countries, learning 10 different languages — all sitting together at the group table, babbling the same beautiful babbles, serving each other bread and bananas, and shining through barriers.

special corners of the school

I hope you enjoyed this tour! I look forward to sharing more soon.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Germany’s 1st Montessori Early Learning Center!”

  1. Hi,

    I’m writing from Perth Australia. I just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful classroom. Myself & a close friend hope to open something similar to what you have, here in Perth Australia.

    You’ve provided wonderful inspiration for us & we hope that along with you & the likes of Simone Davies & others we can spread the peace education message that is the Montessori method.

    Take care,
    Norelle de Vries

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